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Demographics For the Masses

Information is the lifeblood of the economy. Thats especially true for businesses, because the ability to identify current customers and locate new customers makes the difference between boom and bust. So how do successful companies do it? Through targeted market research, which usually means arcane computer systems, large staffs, and six-figure budgets.

That situation is ripe for change, according to the CEO of Catosphere, Wendy Cobrda. Many companies use the U.S. Census Bureau data, because of its low cost, but last years data often isnt good enough for todays marketplace. And what if you need a finer-grained solution than the 10,000 foot view that the Census demographics offer? Thats where Catospheres epononymous web application enters the picture. Catosphere leverages databases covering U.S. Census data (updated with between-Census models and methods), vehicle traffic, shopping centers, market potential, consumer expenditure, and several others. Then the company carves out a subset of that data that applies to a user-specified geographical region. What results is a geodemographical study that captures the statistical vital signs of the target region. Surprisingly, the process of choosing a target region and obtaining the survey runs less than five minutes from start to finish. Once the customer chooses the target area and the type of study, Catosphere dynamically generates the study in either PDF or Excel format.

Although refreshingly usable (the 1-2-3 type instruction lists show up more than once), Catosphere also provides substantial flexibility. Reports can selected from ten categories, including aerial photographs. Target regions can be selected via Dbase databases, predefined geographic units, address intersections, a Mapquest-style map selector, or latitude and longitude. Reports may also be automatically branded with a business logo. In that way, Catosphere can help you convince the next level of management that youre on the ball.

The company provides two avenues to obtain geodemographic reports a la carte reports or subscriptions. Subscriptions range from one to three years, and across two detail levels, Basic and Premium. Per-report prices fall in the sub-$100 range; subscriptions range from $995 (Basic) to $2500 (Premium), but allow for an unlimited reports within the chosen target region. Subscriptions provide the most value to companies that need to keep abreast of volatile markets or require a great deal of detail on their target region.

In the age of micromarketing, businesses need tools to ensure that their marketing campaigns strike gold. Catosphere provides an intriguing tool that may help small to medium-sized businesses do exactly that.

Catosphere, LLC
Wendy Cobrda, CEO

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