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How You're manifesting Wealth, Success As Well As Disease And Misery to Your Everyday Life - Who Needs to be Without A Plan? - Litle Known Secrets Revealed...

You're Manifesting out of thin air yourself everyday!

This was my reply to a post on a well know marketers forum.  However, suspecting this to be too healthy a dose, I also post it here.  My last post, I suspect scared the living shit out of him (or his moderators), and so I suspect this will do. Well - that's my own thoughts and speculation of course... And, for that reason, i post it here, for anyone ready to find:

Here goes - starting with headline, and quote from the forum post I replied to:

You're Manifesting Out of
Thin Air Yourself Everyday!

[QUOTE=Darbright]For someone with a higher level of awareness and knowledge, he would probably be already clear on HOW to accomplish his goal, and would naturally write out the steps and actions necessary to do so. Whether it be through just his own actions, or if outside resources are required.

I'm not ruling out that it's not possible to manifest immediately our desired result, but I would guess it safe to say that not many have reached that level of conscious awareness and power yet. However, I have heard of a Teacher in India, who is able to literally manifest the material out of the immaterial. :eek:

I had a friend, who's father went to India to catch a glimpse of this Teacher. Apparently, her father felt that if this Teacher were real, the Teacher/Master would know that he wanted proof in actual gold. Guess what? If I remember correctly, although he didn't have the chance to personally talk to this Teacher, he managed to see the Teacher through the crowd. And when he went back to his hotel, he found pieces of gold in his pocket. That's the gist of the story that I was told, and I've heard similar stories from others who have also made their way to India to see this Teacher. (And one involved a gold rolex watch in front of her eyes on her wrist!!)[/QUOTE]

My Reply:

Darbright, You're Manifesting out of
thin air yourself everyday Already...

Just take a look at your skin.  You nails, your hair.
Even, take a look at your daily work.  Success, as well as failure, what else is that but materialization... manifestation.

Furthermore, about your skin.  When bruised, it heals.  Who need more "miracles" than that?

Furthermore, if that GURU in India you've heard of/referring to is that guy called Sai Baba?

Well, he is a very good manifestator, but not quite the way you would think.

Just as with every part of human psyche, man want mass hysteria, in which he feels part of a greater good, he wants to be more than he is, and want illusion, illusion as part of delusion.

One of the best books you can ever read, if you're on a "spiritual" journey - and want some nice input on this - (and who isn't?) - then the book of Dan Millman --> Path of the peaceful warrior will be something to you.  You should consider it.

Yes, manifestation is going on all around you, within you, without you - all day long.

Sai Baba, however, is what you'd - for the better of your own self - normally call a charlatan.  However, still, a very GOOD seducer and mass-inducer - at a master level - he is definitively.

He's been known to hand out gold rings, gold coins, gold rolex watches "as out of thin air"...

Rather, If you get one, I'd rather you take that Rolex for a quality check.

My sister, and many, many more people I both know, and know of, got a "magick" gold/diamond ring like that.  Lot's of people of the so-called Eastern "enlightenment movement" - moves around the world, with scams like that.

I dare you, take it to have it checked, and it's mostly fake, but people want to believe, whatever in hope it will save us from bad.

So?  Manifestation ?
Oh, that has been done several times by the way, and what Sai Baba is handing out, is merely worth pennies.  Fake Rolexes come cheap these days...

Very good illusionist, as with the famous David Copperfield, indeed.

No, I'm not saying - or closing this out as possibility, far from it, as most things in this universe, we know very little of, but - what I'm saying, it's healthy being a little careful, as well as skeptic.

However, for a crowd, wanting to believe, one hussing the other higher than the next, his ploys becomes easy "magick" -- Easier still is that trickery, when surrounded by people - on the search for meaning to life... Meaning when there are none...

None, but to gain mastery of your own life.

One thing more about Sai Baba though.  He is MASTER ILLUSIONIST, as I said, and he know - accompagnied by music, rythm and drama, how to seduce, and hypnotize people.

Heck, That Bon Jovi, as tim_mainka is referring to, all the time here, does exactly the same with his music.  Mass hypnosis and seduction that is.

And, thing is - exactly as when all the "guru" marketers are bombarding you with their golden offers, that serves the same purpose as well.

Marketing industries have known this for ages, and ages.  Slick politicians and charlatans too, that the more people they can gather together, as they so masterfully do in all those MLM gospel gatherings for instance, people "elevate" - and now, they "can do anything"...

Even turn cheap watches and fake gold coins into "big valuables" - but only in the minds of the people who got them... There and then... The people wanting to believe.  Doesn't matter what they believe, if only the can get something "bigger than themselves" to believe in - whatever the real value.

Still though, if you want gold?  And god's kingdom?  You'd rather turn within yourself, and preferrably not to some Eastern Guru, sapping your psychic powers away from you.  Can you learn a thing or two from them?  Yes, you can, as with everything in life.

Yes.  That's what most of them do, and they live like parasites on your own psychic - as well as emotional energies.  Thus, leaving you behind, more or less an empty shell of flesh.  - Great master seductors indeed.  And, most politicians, churches and religians - and the illusions of power they've built around themselves, are skillfully crafted to suit that purpose of seducing - and dis-empowering you.

Yes, you have great powers within, and the path to get to them, is from your own within, in correlation to your path "outside" of you.

However, still, if that is your path, then be it, as every thing that's happening to you in life, is a lesson that you can learn from.

One lesson learned - hopefully, is that way to many of those so-called Guru's of Eastern Philosophy are great con-artists, just as goes with lots of them marketing - so called gurus too.

Either way, I know this will create a stir, and that people usually reject truth.

My father is dealing highly into the realms of spirit and mind, and in his dealings, he's found very much the same as I'm telling you here.

However, he did transform - re-manifest his own life - today at 71, healthier and more fit, than when 40 and 45.  He's even more fit, than most people 40 and 45 today.

This as direct results of working on his spiritual mind, his emotional body and whatever you want to call it.  And sure, on his way there, he was way into much of that "new age - madness tinkle twinkle" - more than once...  But, that's path too, and there still is much interesting to siphon out here though.  Not least for the challenge of mind...

Unfortunately though, most people in the New Age Industry, are scared way beyond belief, as well as scared shitless - and worse yet - even though talking of love and peace and freedom and comfort and elevation - and harmony - they don't even want to tough their darker sides of their realms - if their lives depended on it-  In turn - which is probably why they need all that distraction tinkle twinkle in the first place.

I believe many people are here too, and many of those don't want truth.  Many of those prefer to live - scared shitless, not even knowing, not even wanting to know themselves...

But, you know... That "dooms-day" - as they're reffering to in the bible... What is that?  Simply nothing less than what is happening - your world falling apart - the way you were fooled into believing it - and when that happens, loosing your illusions - then it certainly feels like doomsday and then some more... Like there would be only hell, and no tomorrow... Scared shitless as we are, we mustn't have that happen now, must we?

However, people prefer to listen to, and believe in mumbo jumbo, especially that which is said to "easen up your life - by you doing nothing for it".

Unfortunately, Eastern Philosophy consists of much that scam too, as much as western religion does.

But, people will always believe what they will, and the last place they're apt to look - is that place within, that in the end, when they (me included by all means) - cannot take it anymore, truly cannot run away from themselves anymore... then - slowly - they'll be starting that journey of looking within.  Thus elevating and liberating themselves from lies, parasite scum and dogma.

Not to mention all the release of power and new-found energy - previously thugged down into paralyzing fear and ignorance.

So, if charlatans like Sai Baba and other slick scam artists is the way for you to go, to achieve that?  Then go for it, and "bless" you!

Either way, your up for a good deal of scenery and showman ship!  That Sai Baba masters this to the fullest.

But, you have of course his group of groupies, that'd even kill to defend that belief... Because, what happens to man, when he finally realizes that all he had ever been brought up to believe in - is merely a scam?

Will he admit that he has wasted years of his life on meaningless B.S?  No, quite on the contrary.  Which is exact same reason so many CEO's, and middle management start sabotaging - for instance - many "un-enlightened" big ego - scared shitless managers, even CEO's - do that when suddenly realizing my project managing is bringing them the results they say they want.

But, there are consequences to getting what you want.  You'd for real will have to give up on on all what you don't want, but now have gotten quite comfortable and accustomed to... And, oftentimes, in this context, doesn't matter whether you're scared shitless or miserable in that context either...

No matter how foul, how painful, we at least feel a sense of "security" in that old hellhole.

Now though, it stands to see, if this post is allowed into this forum... It stands to see, if Mark, or his moderators have the guts to post this post... As obviously, my last post, where telling about my own life - and the MASTER-PLAN was erased.

I suspect direct talk like this, scares the living shit out of most people, wanting to believe in the one-sided dream of pink roses only - only wanting to see good, only wanting "god" - never wanting anything to do with their darker side.

But, please be my guest.  Continue living in denial, you will turn around some day anyways, as this is law of nature.  Law of life.

Just take a look at kids.  Take a look at the animals.  They "know" this.  Not necessarily by conscious knowing... by conscious thought - But they live it out directly by expressing their emotions, no matter what - DIRECTLY.

And, if you want to manifest your life in a better direction?  Well, then here is your key!  Then, next, you need the power and guts, which I fouled up 7 years ago - severely - to make that decision out of your heart's knowledge - and follow through.

That's manifestation,
but most people prefer to go on
believeing in all kind of
twinkle dinkle,
in order not to get
close to their own self.

And, The Sai Baba's of the world, is good for people like that, as the Sai Baba's, as well as rest of entertainment business, gives great relief from having to deal with ourselves.  Aat least if for only so long...

Now Mark, the big question is:  Have you the guts to leave this post standing, however scary might be, however direct, blunt and to the point?  Or are you but about entertainment yourself?  (Sidenote: Parts of this post was posted to a marketing forum, discussing plans and lots of this stuff.  They - I fear in scare, deleted my first post, which you will find here: /page34.php )

No, don't fret Mark.  I bought your Farewell Package some years back.  Good stuff, and you definitively know your thing.. But, that's not the thing here... I'm asking - have you the courage - the guts to leave this post in here, and not delete it, as you did with my last.

Well, if you do - or if you do not, I'll post this post elsewhere too, so, in that way, my sites only will get this content, and either way, the people who need this information, those ready to take the next step into the realms of their own lives, WILL find it. 

Will you?

Best Regards
Arne Yri
AKA: The Wizard Of Madness

Here is link also to that other post that got deleted by the way, plus the completion of it, that was not posted to this forum:

I would've been more than happy to direct you to my fathers site, but that is in Norwegian, and for some reason, he took it down.  Yes, he is strange at times.

However, if you want to know some more - before he ask me to take that down too (think he is in some merger thing, with someone to take his material further, to spread this knowledge) - you can go to - Then, in the search field, you search for this name:  Aake Yri
(I must warn you, as to there's no guarantee it is there when you find it, as I may get notice from him to take it down whenever.  I don't know whether this will happen, but at least, you're duly warned)

There are not many articles posted from him here yet.  He's written 3 books but only in Norwegian, and several English articles on a subject concerning your life.  Too scary for most people though.

But, this thing works.  Often times he's been called upon to take care of hospitalized people, "retards" and what have you - only to "fix" them up, in "no time" - when the ordinary methods didn't work - as they seldom really do.  Drugging, or deceiving people down, is not healing.  Giving them both the dark side, as the "light" side to their lives - their emotional wisdom, and their own reasoning back - then the keys to unlock that myriad of labyrint and emotional drama?  That is only way to enlightenment.

And, that has nothing to do with handing out fake "gold watches".

So, whats all this fuzz about fish and bread and gold rings made out of tin-cups?  Nature is making fish all day long, and hardly need another fool doing it.

Again, I have my doubts, so Mark:

I challenge you, you say yourself an anthropologist...?  Don't you?
Then, do you dare leave this - even how controversial in here!

And relax, by reading my fathers articles here - when you go searching his name - no-one will try sell you a thing as result of it. At least not for now, unless you sincerely insists... Then maybe.

Thank you.

Want to know more, I'd suggest you'd look more at the link above. But, again, don't do that if you're easily offended and hurt by direct and blunt truth.

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